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KLM introduces WeChat Pay into its payment solutions

2017/8/27 18:05:32
WeChat is the top social media platform in mainland China with over 963 million monthly active users, with 600 million of those users having activated WeChat Pay.

WeChat Pay has broad acceptance in China, accounting for 40% of all mobile transactions and is available to for all users with a Chinese bank account.

Pieter Elbers, president & CEO KLM says:“The WeChat Pay option is a perfect next step in KLM’s social media strategy. We believe we should be where our customers are. In China we have to be on WeChat. China has developed into an incredibly important market for KLM.

KLM first launched on WeChat in 2014, offering customer service, brand content and commercial offers. In May of this year, KLM extended the services available in WeChat to include booking details, check-in notifications, boarding passes and flight status updates.

The airline reports that 25% of its Chinese customers are booking online and receiving flight information via WeChat. KLM processes over 8000 service questions a week through the platform, primarily in Simplified Chinese.

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