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China regulator considers allowing more airlines to fly international routes

2017/8/26 18:33:50
China’s aviation authority has proposed lifting restrictions that currently limit the number of Chinese airlines allowed to operate international routes from China to key destinations in certain countries.

Private airlines would be allowed to join state-run competitors in bidding for routes between China and the United States, Australia, Britain, Southeast Asia and selected other parts of the world, according to a regulation drafted by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

If the regulation were to take effect, China would no longer limit international routes for many long-range destinations to a single airline. For example, the change would open to competition the Beijing-to-Los-Angeles route, which has been controlled by state-owned Air China for years.

Although opinions from various parties will be considered before CAAC makes a final decision, China is expected to continue opening more international routes to its airlines, a source who participated in the draft process told Caixin.

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